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How do I install the Club Persona on Mozilla FireFox?

First up you will need to have the latest version of Firefox and then you will need to add the Persona Plus module.

The default install of FireFox is set to automatically update, so if you have clicked on Yes when prompted to update FireFox then you will have the latest version.  You will need to add the Persona Plus module manually.

Use this link - to get the add-on.  Once at the page you will see a link Download Now, when you point to it, it should change to Add to FireFox.  Click on that link and follow the instructions.

You will now need to turn on Custom Personas, to do this click on the Tools Menu of FireFox, then go down to Personas.  Within the Personas sub menu select Preferences.

Place a tick next to Show Custom Persona in Menu and then click on OK.

Now go to our Gallery and save the two files (Header and Footer) for the Persona you want to use.  Currently there is only one Persona however, as time goes by this will expand.  If you wish to have a Persona featuring your car email our webmaster.

Final step is to select the files you downloaded for your Persona.  Do this by going to the Tools Menu and then to Personas, then to Custom Persona and select Edit.

Click on Browse for the Header image and locate the header.jpg file, and then do the same for footer.jpg.  Then click on OK

Your new Persona should be applied.

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