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1980 April Vedran Jakovich places advert in Sunday Times
  July Ted Gardner Chairs first meeting and is elected as first President.
1982 April Meetings held at Armadale Recreation Centre, Townley St, Armadale.

Meetings moved to Redcliffe Hall, corner Great Eastern Highway and Morrison St, Redcliffe.

Club T-shirts are $7.00 each.

Annual Trophy Days are held to present member’s cars with trophies such as Best Original Exterior, Best Modified Exterior, etc. etc.

Club has close ties to The Falcon GT Club of Australia, with a percentage of membership fees sent to Melbourne.

You had to BYO mug to meetings for a cuppa.

The process of Incorporation of the club began. Membership to the Combined Car Clubs of WA considered.

  December The club has 21 Full Members and 6 Associate Members
1983   Became member of The Combined Car Clubs Association

Club opened Post Office Box for a cost of $19.80, still our club postal address today of PO Box 322 Cloverdale WA 6105.

New logo for newsletters adopted.

Country Members granted Full Membership status.

Club’s first draft of the Constitution rejected by the Crown Law Department.

Started placing adverts in White and Yellow Pages.

  December The club has 36 Full Members and 6 Associate Members.

Talks began of holding the first GT Nationals in Melbourne.

  April The first BBQ held for Dick Johnson and crew after the ATCC round.

The club hires the track at Wanneroo Raceway for the first time for a cost of $200 per day.

Incorporation of the club finalised.

First article on the phasing out of leaded petrol and introduction of unleaded petrol appears in newsletter.

  July Membership fees rose to $30 Full Member and $25 for Associate.
  November First All Ford Day held at Subiaco Oval.
  December The club has 40 Full Members, 12 Associate Members and 1 Life Member (Ted Gardner).

The club purchases its first Club Trailer, it’s most expensive asset to date.

Second All Ford Day held with them to be held every 2 years from then.

  December The club has 35 Full Members, 11 Associates and 1 Life Member.
1986 January

The Club is invited to attend a drive-in night by the now-defunct Pirates Hot Rod Club, at the Aceway Drive-in.

We are also invited to attend Perth City Street Machine Club’s car show at Cannington – this show would evolve into WA’s biggest cars show, Motorvation.

The Sheriff threatened to fine people for not wearing name tags. Some things never seem to change.


The Club’s library list, with items available for loan for $1 per book per month included these titles:

XR – XT GT Workshop Manual

GT HO Phase 2 Supplement

GT HO Phase 3 Supplement

The 351 Cubic Inch Cleveland Engine

Ford Performance

Australia’s Greatest Motor Race the Complete Story

The Unforgiving Minute – The Dick Johnson Story

….where are these mostly out of print publications now?

The Club was saddened at the news that early member Ernie Cocks had passed away. Ernie was a life member of the WA Car Club, and associated with other clubs as well.


The monthly club meetings moved to the Veteran and WA Car Club rooms, Hale Rd, Forrestfield.

  June A Silver XY GT was advertised for sale in the club magazine for $10,800.
  July The Club received a letter from a Mr David Bowden, of Qld, offering a certain Phase IV for sale, at $30,000.
  December The club has 37 Full Members, 11 Associate Members, 1 Life Member and 1 Honorary Member (Ernie Cocks)
1987 March

The GT Club cleans up at the Denmark Hillclimb event, coming 1st, 2nd and 3rd, leading to a suggestion from another club that v8’s, and GTs in particular, be banned from competing.


Member Ian Johns sells his Phase 3, after advertising it in Unique Cars, to a man who turns out to be the original owner.

  July A motion was presented that only genuine GTs be included in club displays and trophy judging. The motioned was seconded. Yet members are allowed to display Falcon GT Club stickers on non-GTs.
  September The name “Grand Tourer” adopted as the name of the monthly club newsletter.

The recent All Ford Day was deemed a great success with 234 cars entered on the day.

The Club received a letter from the State Planning Commission with a proposal to create a venue for the establishment of club facilities for the pursuit of motoring activities. This would become what we know as WhitemanPark today. The Club explored the feasibility of building it’s own clubrooms on this land, and a voting form was put in the December newsletter for members to ponder the proposal.

  December The club has 43 Full Members, 13 Associate Members, 1 Life Member and 1 Honorary Member.
1988 May  1988 The club received an anonymous letter from a club member concerned about the direction of the club, and included points such as why don’t members bring their GTs to club meetings? Why don’t we get many return visitors who become members? Why aren’t visitors made to feel welcome at club meetings, and why are their cars being “picked on”? The concerned member went on to suggest the club change its name to “The Casual GT Club of WA”. Whilst the committee addressed the concerns raised, it was noted that they were disappointed that the member did not feel strong enough to put their name to the letter, and suggested the member run for election at the upcoming AGM to become part of the committee to maybe offer solutions.

Club members voted “for” with regards to committing the club to building premises at WhitemanPark and paid $100 as a sign of good faith.

  December The club has 43 Full Members, 9 Associate Members, 1 Life Member and 1 Honorary Member (dec).
1989 February Our club was asked if we’d like to make a bid for the 1991 Falcon GT Nationals.

It was decided to hold the Nationals in Melbourne in 1991.

  November The All Ford Day was held.
  December The club has 45 Full Members, 13 Associates Members, 1 Life Member and 1 Honorary Member (dec).
1990 February Big Al’s Poker Run 10th Anniversary run held.

Club members voted to pull out of building clubrooms at WhitemanPark.

Honorary Life Membership introduced for members reaching 10 years continuous service and they are to be presented with a special badge and reduction in membership fees. (Note: it took another 2 years before a special badge was produced and presented to the first members to achieve this status!)

It was agreed that married and de facto partners of full members have full voting rights equal to their spouse’s membership.

Danny Van Der Stroom and Denis Bolger awarded the club’s first Honorary Life Membership.

Membership fees rose from $30 to $40.

  December The club has 2 Honorary Life Members, 44 Full Members, 12 Associate Members, 2 Life Members and 1 Honorary Member (dec.)
1991 February

Idea kicked around again for Perth to hold the 1993 GT Nationals.

  May Two club members expelled for incident arising from the last All Ford Day.

All Ford Day held.

A vote was taken to alter one word in the constitution to allow the club to have a tax exemption.

  December The club has 3 Honorary Life Members, 40 Full Members, 11 Associate Members, 2 Life Members and 2 Honorary Members (dec).
1992 January New member’s cars to be inspected for authenticity as a firm rule as this seems to not have been closely monitored in the past.

Investigations into concession licensing began.

Idea kicked around again, more seriously this time, to host the 1995 GT Nationals in WA.

Raffle of an XY GT investigated to raise funds to build clubrooms.


The idea of bestowing Honorary Life Membership on Dick Johnson deemed not appropriate by the members.

Concern expressed that there are too many Associate Members and that there should be a ceiling on their number. A motion was put forward to cap the number of associate members to one third of the total number of financial members. The motion was carried.

Discussions arose about the new EBGT. Would they be accepted as Full or Associate members? Ongoing discussion ensued.

  July The subject of authenticity of club cars rose again with a letter of complaint by an ex-member sent to the club. The letter writer’s felt the club slandered their car to a prospective buyer and therefore could not get their asking price. Members were cautioned to be careful when discussing members or ex-members cars. It reinforced the point that member’s cars be inspected for authenticity as part of the joining process.
  August Points system introduced to encourage members to attend runs and meetings, accumulating in an award for best attending member at the AGM.
  December The Club has 6 Honorary Life Members, 37 Full Members, 15 Associate Members, 2 Life Members and 2 Honorary Members (dec).
1993 February It was noted in the general meeting minutes that club morale seems to have hit an all-time low.

All Ford Day at Perth Oval, with over 300 cars on display.

  December The Club has 8 Honorary Life Members, 34 Full Members, 9 Associate Members, 2 Life Members and 2 Honorary Members (dec).
1994 June No Dick Johnson BBQ held due to Dick’s sponsorship commitments.
  August A steering committee was formed to clarify the criteria for authenticating Falcon GTs within guidelines of our constitution so as to validate full membership.
  December The Club has 9 Honorary Life Members, 32 Full Members, 9 Associate Members, 2 Life Members and 2 Honorary Members (dec).
1995 March

The club is invited to attend the Bernie’s Burger Bar (Mounts Bay Rd) closing bash, a beloved institution for late-night burgers and car cruise destinations.

The club is once again asked if interested in holding a GT Nationals. Decided it may look into holding a joint Nationals with the SA club in South Australia in 1999.


South African Fairmont GT’s first raise their head….

  July The Club celebrates its 15th Birthday.
  August The Club purchases its first mobile phone.
  November All Ford Day held, with 340 paid entrants.
  December The Club has 10 Honorary Life Members, 32 Full Members, 11 Associate Members, 2 Life Members and 2 Honorary Members (dec).
1996 May Concession Licensing introduced for club members.

A possible name change of the club was proposed, to the Falcon GT Owners and Enthusiasts Club, as concerns were raised that there may not be enough genuine GTs in Perth in future years to build membership.


The Club was formally approached by the Falcon GT Club of SA to jointly host the 1999 GT Nationals in Adelaide.

  December The Club has 14 Honorary Life Members, 32 Full Members, 15 Associate Members, 2 Life Members and 2 Honorary Members (dec).
1997 February The President revokes the “non-GTs must be segregated at cars shows” rule to allow associate cars to be displayed with full member vehicles. This drew one complaint from a member, but was generally welcomed.
  April Committee decides to accept EB and EL GT owners as full members.

Idea of a GT Nationals association made up of members from each club from around Australia first mooted.

  July The club votes to keep the current name of the club as it is.
  November All Ford Day is held with 315 cars on display.
  December The Club has 18 Honorary Life Members, 32 Full Members, 11 Associate Members, 2 Life Members and 2 Honorary Members (dec).
1998 April The Club starts up its own website.

The Club sends two delegates to attend the first GT Nationals conference in Adelaide. The aim of the conference is to produce uniform concourse guidelines for future GT Nationals.

A proposed National Register of Falcon GTs is raised.


Membership fees raised from $40 to $50 for full members and from $20 to $25 for honorary life members.

Amendments to the club’s constitution voted on and passed unanimously (to bring it out of the dark ages).

Motion proposed to change the club logo to reflect our own identity raised. Not a unanimous decision and much further discussion to be held.

  December The Club has 19 Honorary Life Members, 36 Full Members, 14 Associate Members, 2 Life Members and 2 Honorary Members (dec).
1999 April

GT Nationals in Adelaide and 3 WA cars win trophies. Club meetings move to West Coast Street Rod Clubrooms in Malaga.


New club logo adopted.


All Ford Day held at Bassendean Oval for the first time.


The Club has 17 Honorary Life members, 40 Full members, 2 Life members, 12 Associate members and 2 Honorary members (dec).

2000   Leaded fuel discontinued in WA.

Some members travel to Geelong to attend the Ford Australia 75th Homecoming Rally.

  July Club celebrates 20th birthday and Danny Van Der Stroom becomes the club’s first 20 Year Member.

Special All Ford Day held at Rockingham Oval as part of Ford Australia 75th anniversary.

  December The Club has 1 20 Year member, 2 Life members, 20 Honorary Life members, 49 full members, 13 Associate members and 2 Honorary members (dec).
2001 January

A few South West members get together and go on cruise for a few days just after New Years. They tour from Bunbury to Albany and return.


6 members truck their cars to Brisbane for the GT Nationals. Some elect to drive home while others truck them home. The WA club won one top-restored trophy, 2 runner-up restored, a sponsor’s choice and longest-distance travelled trophy. We offer to host the 2007 Falcon GT Nationals in Perth.

  July Life membership becomes a privilege bestowed upon a member after a minimum of 10 years active service to the club. Members are to be nominated and voted in ti Life Membership.
  August Shirley Strachan (from Skyhooks) passes away in a Helicopter crash.
  September Club joins the Ace Ford Club and others on a cruise through Pinjarra to Dwellingup. With the pub being the place of choice for lunch followed by an afternoon train ride.

Over the Tambelup Weekend, the Simpson’s put on a special feast, and a cake to celebrate the clubs 21st. 1st ever All Ford Day Cruise held with over 300 cars. Cruise started in Belmont, headed north and finally ended at KwinanaBeach.

  December The Club has 2 Honorary Life members, 1 20 Year member, 15 10 Year members, 43 full members, 12 Associate members and 2 Honorary members (dec).
2002 January New Years South West Cruise is run for the second time. This time a couple of city cars join in the holiday, and we crossed paths with the Gypsy Jokers in Pemberton. Danny Van Der Stroom voted in an Honorary Life Member.
  February Large group of members cruise to the Ravenswood Hotel for a day out and a bite to eat. Although 1 member’s meal looked like it was going to bite back!

Zupanov’s put one of their cars on display at the first Ford vs Holden Expo in Perth and win Top GT and runner up Overall Top Car.

  June Public Liability Insurance is on the rise (dramatically) and some companies are withdrawing from the area including the club’s insurer.

The Falcon GT Club of WA is granted the right to hold the 2007 GT Nationals in Perth.

  October Tambelup weekend away. Had 15 cars on display and staying overnight at the Simpson’s farm. Very enjoyable for those in attendance. 2nd All Ford Day Cruise held with over 250 cars. Rain dampened spirits. The event set to be a bi-annual event alternating with the All Ford Day
  December The Club has 2 Honorary Life members, 1 20 Year member, 15 10 Year members, 61 full members, 17 Associate members and 2 Honorary members (dec).
2003 January

GT Nationals held at Bathurst. Biggest Nationals to date. Also a big contingent of WA members made the trek across. Very hot and smoky weekend enjoyed by all.

  March Permission granted to bonafide club members with a technical need, to be able to use avgas in street cars. This will expire in 2005
  June 12th GT Nationals Website Launched.
  August New range of club clothing introduced with updated club logo on.

Membership crosses the 100 mark. Weekend away to Perenjori, and club meeting moved to Yarloop as part of the Fabulous Fords in The Loop show.


All Ford Day Show returns after a 3 year break. Approximately 400 cars are displayed on Bassendean Oval. First member voted in with a new BAGT


Mustang and GT Club shoot it out in a Go Kart Challenge at Belmont Kart Hire. Mustang Club win the challenge.

  December Membership No. 351 sold off for a $100 donation to club. The Club has 2 Honorary Life members, 1 20 Year member, 17 10 Year members, 77 full members, 12 Associate members and 2 Honorary members (dec).
2004 March Club puts about 15 cars on display at the Classic Car Show run by the Council of Motoring Clubs.

Meeting moved to LakeLeschanaultia for a BBQ lunch. Another good turn out for a combined cruise and meeting.


Hoon laws introduced to WA. Club invites the Mustang club to join in on a cruise to Bailup to visit a private FordMuseum. Event goes well with about 40 cars attending.

  October 3rd All Ford Day Cruise held with almost 350 cars cruising the metro area.
  December The Club has 2 Honorary Life members, 6 20 Year member, 12 10 Year members, 64 full members, 13 Associate members and 2 Honorary members (dec).
2005 January About 30 cars gathered in Kwinana for a photo shoot for the club to be featured in the first issue of a new magazine “Street Fords”).
  March Country member Graeme Turner set Australian record on the Salt Flats in his slightly modified XD Falcon. Also 3 members pick up trophies at the GT Nationals in Ballarat. A contingent of about 40 people from our club made the journey across.
  May Club meeting held at Toodyay as part of the Moondine Festival. Good turn out of members and cars.
  September RAC 100 Years of Motoring Cruise. Starts at Langley Park finishing in Cottesloe. About 10 GT members are present on the day.
  October All Ford Day again held at Bassendean Oval. This time approximately 460 cars are on display. Unfortunately rain puts a bit of a dampener on the day.
  December The Club has 2 Honorary Life members, 6 20 Year member, 12 10 Year members, 82 full members, 12 Associate members and 2 Honorary members (dec).

 For the history of the club since 2005, please use the link atthe top left of our page to visit our Facebook Timeline page.


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